10 Tips to Determine When Starting a New Blog Post

Most bloggers, do not pay attention and research on their chosen topic when you first create a blog. In fact, determining the topic is a very important thing to note when you start blogging. There are many important aspects that you need to review and know first. Why is that important? Simple, so you can relax and enjoy your blogging activities, produce articles of quality, and consistent blogging. More Furthermore, so you can get maximum revenue from your blog if it is intended for business.

10 Tips to Determine When Starting a New Blog Post

Okay, here are some tips and things you should consider:

1. Interest and talent

Before you start blogging, you should know first your interests and talents. Interests and talents will greatly affect the consistency of blogging future. Look for a blog topic that fits your interests and talents. When someone works according to what she likes, there would be no said tired in the run. Meanwhile, you actually have the talent to be a high potential to produce quality blog content. On
finally, you enjoy your work while the results remain very satisfactory. Insya Allah.

2. Hobby

Actually, the hobby is closely connected with the interests and talents. It's just a hobby more tangible and real. Pour and talk all about hobby your blog. For example, your hobby is playing basketball, it will be very good if you choose basketball as a topic of your blog.

Write the info-info, news about basketball and tips to shoot the ball, for example. It would be very helpful and most importantly, you will enjoy. The core of the two points above is, before you become a professional, you have to really love what you are doing first.

3. Skills

Maybe you've liked some blog topics. However, there is one more question. "Do you really master?". For create quality content on the blog, you should really master the topic you choose. Well, how terampilkah you in that area?.

The more expert, the better. Talk about what you're good at in the blog. Other people will not ask and believe in you when you do not even know what you're talking about.

4. time

Some blog topics, requires a lot of time in the day to take care of it. For example, a blog that contains about technology news will requires more processing time than a blog that contains tips SEO. More realitaslah. Adjust lenggang time that you have to have to set aside time for blogging. Of course you also must know first how much time you have set aside for blog with specific topics.

5. Topics Similar & Rivals

Remember, blogging is not something new. Certainly have a lot of your predecessors who setopik with you. You need to consideris how many and how strong / their quality. To find out how many, just type the keyword candidate topic Your choice on google. Meanwhile, to check how qualified, use the Alexa rank and rank as the parameter checking Page blog which appeared first page search. The less competition you are, the better your prospects for the future.

6. Sources & experts

Is impossible if you are blogging without the need of motivation, inspiration and new innovation. There are times when you're bored and cranky blogging. And medicine is that I mentioned above. As far as I experienced, a source of inspiration and motivation to blog is to look and read the articles of resources related to your topic. It also will increase knowledge about your field. Indeed, a little bit
ironic with point 5. Since, normally the source and expert in the field we are rivals our own.

However, not only from rivals blog we can get inspiration. Reading books and articles in newspapers and magazines could also be arlternatif. The more places you get inspiration, the better. In essence, perbanyaklah read.

7. Research keywords

Keyword research is an activity to find out how many users are looking for a topic in a search engine. So, you must consider whether the candidate chosen topic you will be much sought after people?. Keyword research, you can use the Google Keyword Google's tools and trends to determine how popular a topic.

8. fees

Cost considerations must do if you are serious about blogging to make money. Some of the topics that require no blog in a handling fee. For example the cost for advertising. Previously you had to know first whether the candidate was chosen topic you need a small fee, big or not at all. After that, adjust to the state of your pocket.

9. Opportunities to make money

This point is very important if you are blogging for money. What are the chances that you have to monetize your blog?. Not all blog topic fits with certain monetization program. For example, a blog on the topic of travel records would be very confused if monetized with paid review and affiliate programs. Everything must be in harmony with the topic. It would be better if I monetize your blog became a part of the content itself.

10. Consumers Characters

The latter is how the character of your customers. Each topic has a character different visitors and consumers. You must know first. For example, Blog with topics crafts have notabenenya consumers are women. character is diligent and usually have a lot of empty time. Well, now you consider, how do you monetize that are best suited to consumers like it.

One thing that is important is how difficult is it to change the blog visitors with certain characters into consumer products or factors monetization you. Because not every visitor to a particular blog is the consumptive. Now, after knowing everything, then compare and match it to yourself own. Be realistic. Are you going to be able to, or not.

Bonus Tips & Conclusion

Now please think about what topics are most suitable for you. You do not have to think of the whole points above. Think about where an important point according to your needs. However, my advice points 1,2 and 3 still have to be taken into consideration. My explanation above is not intends to make you confused to choose a topic you know !. I just remind you not miscast. Do not be taken too dizzy.

Not because my explanation, so you just do not start blogging.

Let's do it and make you fun !.

Then, after you really choose a topic, it is time for action. Keep in mind, exactly a topic that does not mean you will be fast successful anyway. Be patient, all need a process. I am sure, at any blogging you will succeed if you really listen and apply all my explanation above. Ameen. That's it from me. Warm greetings from blogger Sulawesi

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