15 Tips to Make / Writing SEO Friendly Blog Posts

Having previously I never talk about how to make a website SEO friendly element, this time I will discuss howoptimize your posts to be SEO friendly. This discussion is no less important because of the tips below can make your posts become The first sequence in the search. 

Do not believe? Prove yourself! Content is optimized, can improve qualityin the eyes of search engines. Of course, it also can give a good effect for your website in the future. Good content can provide signal the search engines that the website is also nice. You should know, that there are two kinds of posts are divided from the designation.

Nice post for the search engines and posting nice for readers. Sometimes, posts that are optimized for search engines often not good for readers, because his sentences were focused targeting keyword / keyword. But, know that SEO already old school, old-fashioned. SEO today gave the assessment that good content is good content in terms of SEO, but still pleasing to be read. Then, how to make it? 15 ways following may be the solution for you:

1. Use the Long Title, Keywords Contains Descriptive & Main

A good title for a post is a post that describes the contents as a whole and contain the main keywords.
Long title should also pay attention to. According to Neil Patel (SEO Specialists International), long Heading tags (including the blog title) Nice ranging between 15-65 characters. Well, make your post title with a range of the number of characters.

2. Customization URL Permalink

Permalink URL is the address that is fixed to a page on the website. Either at blogger or wordpress, structure and words in permalink. This could be customizable at will.

Change the permalink created automatically with your existing keywords in your posts. Differentiate with existing titles. Enter keywords others that describe your post. It can enrich the keyword articles without annoy the reader post.

3. Use Meta Description / Description search

In blogger, there are feature descriptions search (Search description) when making a post. This feature to determine the description of our post when appearing in search results. Use the main sentence that really fit and describe your post to fill. This will help raise the position of your post in search engines. If you are using wordpress All in SEO plugin pack can help you to create a search description on each post.

4. Keyword Placement

For placement of keywords, put it at the beginning and end of the post. This is because search engines prioritize the beginning and end of a posting rather than the middle. At the beginning, people usually enter intro discussion. While the last part is usually to conclusions

5. Use Alt text and title on the image

If there are images in your posts, use alt text (Alternative text) and the title textuntuk describe what the image was. Alt text serves to tells crawlers it as the default image can not crawl and recognized the image. Title image is useful to provide a description to the reader when the mouse pointer is placed on the image. 

To use, in the post blogger: select an image> click image already inserted> click the Properties link that appears in the bottom right corner> there will be a display like the one below, and enter the alt and title to

While in post wordpress: posting Editor> Click add media> select the image> and on the right will appear as shown below. Enter a title and alt text

Use of Heading tag for subtitles (like I do) in the post can create html structure post be SEO friendly.
Robot crawlers prioritize heading tags (h1 - h6) as the text is more important than other text. But its use should also be reasonable. Do not plain text on the post instead be used as a heading, this will only be a boomerang for you.

8. Use Bold, italic, and underline the key words

The use of bold style, italic (italic text), and underline (underscore) provides information on the robot crawlers that this text is more in prioritize. The priority is lower than heading, but use the keywords in the paragraph can be an effective way to improve the SEO of your blog posts. But, of course, used as effectively as possible to the word that deserves to be given the style.

9. Links / Link to the relevant article

Linking link relevant articles can give good effect to your posting. Whether it's internal linking and linking another blog post. In addition, readers will also feel comfortable because you are willing to provide more information on them. However, keep in mind if linking other people's posts, you have to see if the blog has a good reputation or not. Be careful who you link a link on blog that has no good reputation in the search engines. You could be impacted. 

10. Linking or linked to the good Blog

Almost the same with the number 9, you need to link the blogs that have a good ranking in the search engines. In addition, also look for ways to post You can ditaukan of blogs is rated good in search engines. Can with guest blogging, or leave a comment in the blog. however Remember, the topic should be relevant!

11. Use the proper link Anchor

Still on the link, use anchor text (the text that there is a link) appropriate and descriptive link to link within a post or link Your article in another post. Anchor links are not in accordance with article links that do not match can be considered as spam by robots Crawler (crawler).

12. Long Articles

The length of the contents of the articles you write must also be taken into account. The longer the article, the better. However, it remains to be solid contents. Article long usually easier to increase its position in search engines because it is more keyword rich. Additionally, robotic crawlers also assess content long is one of the factors of quality content. The length of a good standard content is approximately 200 - 1000 words. However, if you can wrote more than 1,000 words, it would have been better.

13. Number of Links

Back on the link, the number of links on the content should not be too much. Link here in the sense DoFollow link. The total number of good links in each web page (not on content alone) is not more than 100 links. This is because it can make search engine crawlers robots receive orders exaggeration to crawl these links. This could not be good effect on our posting page.

14. Use categories / tags matching

Use also suitable category or tag to your posts. Categorizing the right one can improve the crawling effective anyway. In addition, the proper category can help visitors find your post.

15. Reduce Use of Content that use plugins

Content that you serve should be text, images HTML5 video. Should not present your content in the form of pdf, swf and more because it requires additional plugins on the visitor's browser. Officially, Google also said that the presentation of content plug-ins can slow down the loading speed and it is not good for SEO.

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