4 Easy Tips to Develop Blog

Time, place, and the idea of ​​a third important element in the effort to develop a blog. Time become significant in addition to the idea, the place also serves to be more relaxed in writing contents for your blog

Lots of tips that are already written by other bloggers are certainly aimed to assist us in developing a blog. Various of these tips also depends on our own, suited or not to apply. Hopefully the tips I gave to develop your blog you can apply well in order to have a blog that you can get better.

4 Easy Tips for Developing a Blog I wrote this is my personal experience in the world of blogging. Approximately take only what suits you employ to develop your blog. Here's 4 tips easily develop a blog that you can apply

1. Search, Select, and Exploration your idea before writing

The idea has become a key element in the writing world, especially in the world of blogging. Without an idea, then blogging is not going his way. Look for ideas that you can use. Maybe you've got a lot of ideas to write about, but choose beforehand which priorities to be immediately written in your blog.

Exploration of ideas that you select it. What would make a post in your blog? If they match, multiply reading other blogs or other references to strengthen your insight about the idea. View these ideas into the mind mapping to make it easier to develop these ideas into writing. Use your own style. That's typical of you as a blogger who is able to make visitors become more interested in reading your article.

2. Create clear categories and contents in the Navigation Menu Your Blog

Bloggers who are professionals also sometimes forget this. Do not like it if you have a lot of visitors. Visitors are very important, but do not forget the element of Page Views for the progress of your blog. Page Views here means, how many pages are opened by each visitor when it gets into your blog? Most visitors to our blog for search engines such as Google, and most of them open our blog because it only requires one article they are looking for and coincidentally the text is in our blog.

Well, if you're happy if visitors only read one article while your blog already contains hundreds of quality article that has worked hard to write? So that's obviously important category for your blog. Make certain categories that correspond with your writing.

Place it under the title of the blog, in the sidebar, or footer. The point zoom must be clear so that visitors do not laboriously searching for the other posts in your blog. Conscious or not, everyone has multiple things you like, not just one thing. It could be other things that they like already you wrote in your blog. But without a clear navigation menu that includes the category of your writing, how could they know?

In addition also create a table of contents in your blog, so that visitors can more easily search for other writings on subjects they like without having to close your blog and look for it on other blogs.

3. You already saturated in the blogging world?

Some time ago I wrote about the saturation blogger tips in developing blogs, so blogs that have been painstakingly built like the abandoned rice fields, potentially but not produce 😀

To anticipate this you have to recognize what-what makes bloggers are generally infrequent updates or even stop blogging.

4. Create a visitor into a more comfortable visit to your blog

How? This part is a little tricky. We certainly can not obviously know what makes every visitor comfortable in a blog. How can we just do not know them much less understand them hihi 😀

Therefore, my suggestion try to make visitors become more comfortable discussing your blog to suit your needs when you visit the blogs of others. Meaning? Look, when you visit other people's blogs / blogwalking, what makes you feel at home visiting his blog and what is not?

I personally, the most important is the blog easily accessible and quickly loading them. Internet fast it is hard to find, so we often protest and complain if the blog is loading a very long time since we use the internet connection too slow.

By speeding up the loading of your blog, you at least have attempted to facilitate visitors to access your blog. You certainly do not like the blog that too many frills in it that actually makes the blog so messy, slow, and it makes you bothered to read the writing on the blog.

Hence, in developing a blog, make visitors become more comfortable discussing your blog. Prioritize your blog as a target man, not merely for the search engines with SEO reasons bla bla bla ...

That's 4 Easy Tips to Develop Your Blog. No hard origin indeed the intention. 4 tips is nothing difficult if you really intend to develop a blog that has potential. good luck

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