Causes Blog / Website Google Adsense banned

Blogs that have been banned will be marked as a prohibited site to display ads that google adsense ads will not be able to perform again in the blog. Unless you appealed and then approved, then the site will be able to display Google AdSense ads again. However, usually banned adsense is permanent.

There are several causes of your site banned by Google Adsense. The following are the most frequent causes violated by adsense publishers so that their sites didisabled by the google adsense. Among them:

1. Violating Google's Webmaster Quality Guidelines

For example, you link too many links on one page posts. A little bit of your link active link between the sentence-page article in the post with the goal of building seo onpage. For now probably safe you do it. But if your blog traffic has started bustling and show high advertising demand, then your blog will be banned. For violating the webmaster quality guidelines and disrupt the user experience.

If you want to link internal link on the post pages for SEO, you should use the good ways that do not violate the webmaster quality guidelines and do not interfere with the user experience.

2. Infringes Copyright

Caution against the use of images and copying and pasting other people's articles. If the owner of the picture and owner of the article knows, it could have them report your blog to the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). This will make your site suddenly banned by google. If the owner of the intellectual property rights it currently does not know, then someday will know also if your blog traffic has started bustling. Therefore, careful and beware!

3. Post Adult Content

Do not include words that smelled of adults in the article's posting. Google has a detection system that is very sensitive to the editorial adult content. If google find adult content potentially infringing adsense program policies, then your site will be banned.

But violations of this type usually gives advance warning of your site terbanned. Namely, the ad does not want to appear on page one of the offending posts. If it happens on your blog, then immediately remove these postings in the right way, so that you are infringing content is not stored in a search engine index for too long.

4. Prohibited Content Posting

For example, hostility, gambling, arms trafficking, trade in tobacco or things that promote smoking (we need to realize that smoking is detrimental to health) and other things that are not safe for families. The way to avoid this type of offense is, do not create content which is inconvenient if you see with your family. If you post things that are not safe for the family it will result in your site banned.

5. Posting Sensitive Content

Sensitive content is very risky violate adsense program policies. This usually happens on a news site. For example, news of the accident, the news of murder, war news, and other news violent. Contents as it will be marked as sensitive content and ads may still be able to perform.

But too often, the ad will not be able to perform and will result in your site banned. Therefore, careful and beware!

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