How to Increase Alexa Rank Rating

Alexa Rank has a very important role in the world of blogging. The majority of internet entrepreneurs and development recognizes that the Alexa Rank has a very good level of accuracy in measuring the rank blog that is good in the world

For bloggers who want to earn money from his blog, then they must compete to raise Alexa rank their blog to be more potent in doing his efforts. Various advertisers or employers that hire bloggers choose a quality blog based on the Alexa Rank of the blog. Therefore Alexa Rank has a very important role for the career of any blogger who has been a pro or a beginner.

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In this paper I discuss how to increase your ranking Alexa Rank potential to be more successful as a blogger for the purpose of making money online. Aware that the majority of advertisers use Alexa Rank benchmarks for hiring us as a blogger so that we have the chance of earning money, then we first need to raise the ranking Alexa Rank blog. How to?

1. Enroll and Verify Your Blog

It is very important for us, especially bloggers who recently made his blog. Register your blog immediately to the Alexa Rank. Once you've made me more free you can then enter your blog and fill in the required details. After that you can verify your blog with a method that will be described by Alexa.

By registering and verifying your blog to automatically Alexa Rank Alexa rank you slowly declining. This step is the first step. You still have to fight with your blog in the next steps to get a good ranking Alexa Rank for your blog.

2. Perform Routine Update

If your blog unpunished Alexa Rank despite its already high without an update, then gradually and significantly Alexa rank your blog will slowly decrease. Rutinlah menguptdate the content of your blog so that the greater your chances of getting visitors and slowly boost your Alexa rankings.

Alexa Rank love the blog that is treated, in the sense diligently update the important things in your blog as a blog function was created which is to share information to readers with content that exists. My suggestion fill the content of your blog at least three times a week. Or create a custom schedule when you will update your blog.

3. Use Widget provided by Alexa

Alexa provides a widget for you to be able to easily see the progress Alexa Rank your blog directly from your own blog. Put the widget on your blog, if the widget is clicked by visitors to your blog and website will terdirect to Alexa who then will beautify your blog rankings for Alexa consider it a fresh click is coming from your blog visitors.

4. Use the Alexa Toolbar in the browser you are using

Install Alexa Rank Toolbar in your browser. Every time you visit your own website then click on the toolbar to know the progress of your blogs. It is considered the most of the effect on increasing the ranking Alexa Rank.

5. Increase Visitors to Your Blog

This stage is complicated but challenging for the majority of bloggers. Our efforts in developing a blog with content that we fill aims to share with the readers / visitors of our blog. If no one is visiting the blog we will be in vain.

Therefore diligently making quality writing and promoting your blog in order to more easily get the visitors who will then flocked to your blog.

6. increase the quality backlinks

Perbanyaklah quality backlinks to your blog in various ways, such as visiting other people's blogs the same topic or containing keywords similar to your blog and comment on it by leaving your blog URL. However you should be careful in commenting, do not spread spam in it.

7. Take advantage of the Forum and Social Media

This can help you increase your blog traffic and also collecting quality backlinks and free. Take advantage of social media and forums on the topic together with your blog to attract visitors to your blog. Put your blog URL in it in order to get quality backlinks.

That's how to increase your ranking Alexa Rank that I can give for a while. If I passed several important ways or tips to increase it, please share using the comments of this article. If you already know the importance ranking Alexa Rank for your blog, then do the ways that I have given above. Good luck!

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