4 Techniques Blogging Bloggers Should Know

Blogging in addition to the spirit and diligent writing, it needs to be equipped with some kind of skill to make blogs more popular and attractive to readers.

The technique I will discuss in this article is more generic or describe in outline. And if it could be implemented well, then blogs are crowded and can popular bloggers get. Of course, must be accompanied by hard work and unyielding yes. Visitors are sometimes up and sometimes down, so should be addressed positively by increasing the ability to manage a blog.

4 Techniques Blogging Bloggers Should Know

Ok, below are four techniques blogger blogging should be mastered:

#1. Increasing popularity blog

Many ways you can do when you want to create a blog to be more famous. Among others by promoting on social networks like facebook, twitter or google plus. Also can promote your blog offline by introducing the office friends, classmates, by providing our blog address. Ask for feedback from them and do immediate improvements based on the ratings of friends. Or read tips from other bloggers that can be searched in search engines. Many of why the tips that we can try and develop.

#2. Increase pageviews.

Pageviews is the number of pages opened from your site or blog. The more page views will certainly get better because it can improve the search engine ranking of the article. To increase page views can be done by adding widgets related articles, random post, popular post, and recent posts. Frequently share articles on social networks could also be a way to increase pageviews blog.

#3. Technical writing

Write the contents of the article properly and make sure the relationship between words or sentences disconnected from each other. The point is not to make the readers confused by what was written. If readers are confused, it is not likely he would immediately run away from our blog.

#4. Make the visitor comfortable

This is one thing that should always be considered, the convenience of visitors. When visitors feel happy to be on our blog, it is not likely he will keep reading and reading existing articles. The effect will be felt all page views and also the popularity of blogs. Leisure visitors this can be done by arranging the layout of the blog and the composition of the widget well. Do not sprinkle blog with a lot of ads that make loading old blog and create a visitor views disrupted. Remember, we highlight of the blog is writing content, not ads. Organize your ad well, can be put under the posts. Examples can be seen in my blog. Then do not forget to use attractive templates and lightweight.

I learned this technique is based on his own experience in managing the blog, and hopefully can help bloggers all in an effort to create blogs are becoming increasingly popular. Good luck..

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