10 Amazing blog about blogging to start reading now

With All the changes in the incoming marketing for several years, a stratagem has bubbles and remain at the top as an important part of a successful marketing strategy: the blogging business. You know you need to blog, and find it easy and enjoyable or difficult made of life as a marketer, valuable information that you can make the job easier is definitely welcome.

You probably have a fair mix of blogs and websites in the RSS, some of which you might be talking about blogging from time to time. But there are a lot of killer blogs out there dedicated exclusively to the discussion ... Well, blogging. And these bloggers do it very, very well.

What should you read on the blog? There are definitely more than 10 rockin' blogs ' blogging (which is a mouthful) out there, but we believe it is essential to cure a mixture of sites administered to you for reference; Some of you may have heard of, and some that are expecting new gems to incorporate into your daily reading regimen and help you kick a little bit of the butt of blogs.

10 Blogs about blogging you should read
1. Copyblogger-You may have found this superstar blog several times if you are one of the many people who are interested in learning more about writing well. The site teaches you how to write compelling copy, the origins of online marketing success. He has compiled his own list of the best, a good example of a blog post to read if this site is new to you.

(2.) Basic Blogs 101-As the name suggests, this site is perfect for you if you have just started blogging. On this site, you will learn everything from the law, using the logo on your blog to replan your blog posts in a new type of content. We hope this site will start to update more often in 2012!

(3.) Feed your blog – if you are an avid blogger who wants to suck up the last bit of ROI from your blog, this site is the place for you. Here you will get tips and information beyond the basics, like the details on the spam of comments, how to integrate your blog with your other social networks, and how to use data and statistics in your blogs.

(4.) content in ProBlogger-ProBlogger focuses on getting your blogging efforts. Post a careful, thoughtful, and often have good guest messages from other giants in the industry or discuss new Thought leadership content posted. This is a great blog for beginners as well as experienced professionals.

(5.) A blogger by blogger-what better source of blogging advice from the blog community? Get information on the first lines of this website so that every aspect of your blog is better.

(6.) Blogging Tips – This place is just what it looks like ... Tips for Blogging! This site is useful to understand the day-of-issue bloggers meeting, and to present tips and tools to solve your problems and make it easier to blog.

(7.) Blogussion-with the slogan as "blogging due to the mind" you better believe that people in brain content create some Blogussion. This site is ideal for more advanced audiences who want to go beyond the basics of blogging.

(8.) Daily Blog Tips-If you are wondering how to make money on your blog, this site will help you to discover with SEO, blog promotion tips, writing tips, and best web design practices.

(9.) Season your blog-even though these people focus on all types of blog tips, go to them for some great tips to make your blog more interesting.

10. The blog of the Herald-where bloggers will be updated news in the world of blogs? Blog Herald will make sure to know all the latest news and releases that bloggers need to know to keep up with their industry.

Should it be a great blog or website about blogging that you think people should read? Share it in the comments so we can see it!

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